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  Now we begin my adventures in imagery. Most images will be created with a Canon Rebel T3 using a zoom EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS II lens, and a Canon Zoom Lens EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 III USM. The images will be my attempt at learning how to use the camera to render the best reproductions I can from the world around me. I am fully aware that no matter how well I learn to use the device, there will always be a gap between my learned technical ability, and my creative ability. Most of these pix have been taken 30 miles north east of the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

Auroral forecast from Aurora predications for Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


F5A My first try to image aurora from my front steps.

 I was able to get the Big Dipper in by luck.

mnjp The moon and Jupiter night of 09 Nov/11.
mnjpc1 The image taken just after the passage of a jet.
orion Orion on the night of 08 Nov/11, with the help of Photo Shop.

  lune1        The moon at 5%.

satspa        Saturn and Spica at 07:32

   bgmn1      Moon in my neighbours back yard.

sattp3b  st2a  sasp    Saturn and Spica again with an air liner crossing the sky. 06:22 to 06:35 09/Dec/2011.

asp1  Enlarged image of Saturn left, Spica right.

halfmn1  drkm  Eclipse of the Moon 10/Dec/2011

ltente  lteaga  Aurora 23:45 Hrs, 28/12/2011

lte2  lte3  Aurora 03:45 Hrs 30/12/2011

1frst  2nd  22/Jan/12 a good start to the night

3rd  4th  22/Jan/12 clouded over by eight PM

The following images were taken on the night of January 24th\25th 2012 with a full blown solar storm in progress.

strm1a strm2a strm4a strm5a     strm6a strm7a strm8a strm9a  mn sat sp   

aure1a  aura2a  aura3a  aura4a  Taken 02:00 Feb'13

a1a  a2a  a3a  Taken 21:00 Feb 14 /12

1704a  1703a  1701a  Taken 00:05 Feb 15 /12   

1709a  1710a                                  Taken 04:40 Feb 15 /12

moon tre  moonmar  The moon on March 07 2012 also with Mars.

ma1  ma2  First aurora pix of the solar storm 8th and 9th of March 2012

fr1  fr2aua  Pix from March 9th and 10th 2012.

aumn1  mn11  Pix in moon light 11:00 9th and 10 March 2012.

cllt1  cl2a  04:12 images of aurora behind cloud 17/03/12

mra  m96 A try to image Mars and M95 with a new nova. 21/03/2012

venplds Venus eclipsing the Pleiades 22:00 hrs 03/04/2012.

skya1  sky2  Well we got some aurora at 23:30 10/04/2012.

thu  thuy  Aurora pix 12:10 20/04/2012.

aung1     One of many 04/May/12   

mayau1 First image of aurora in weeks, 19/May/12 23:18 Hrs.

eclips2  Eclipse 20 May 2012 at full for here.

imgau1a  Aurora behind cloud to the north 30 July 12.

imgau2a  First good aurora here in months 30 July 12.

jp ve al1a  Jupiter Venus Aldebaran in the early morning 30 July 12

tcu1a  tcu2a  This storm turned in to a real barn burner.

fstau1    fsauB2 

fsauA1 Wow, we got aurora!

ploar1a  September 30th Cloud with pillow aurora plus with a full moon out.

storm1a  storm2a  storm3a  Oct' 8th heavy solar storm with aurora all over the sky.