Obituary for

Nora H. Russell

  As some of you may know my family has lost our mother as of a few days ago. She was just two days shy of her
95th birthday. She passed quietly in the evening from a combination of several complaints. The home she lived her
last years in was one built by my father in 1949 using his war money from the Canadian government. The house cost
$1000.oo and only took one month to get the outside up, it did take a few years more to finish.
  My mother and father were married in 1932, and brought up ten children in their life. Sadly my Dad passed away
back in 1981. In the years my mother had left to her she traveled the world and revelled in the joy in helping to
raise her many grand and great grand children.
  My mother was a great lady, and a true saint in the eyes of the people who knew her. She will be greatly missed,
with a mixture of sadness, but also with joy in the memory of her, and her life.
I wish to thank all for the
lovely sentiments and kind words of support already extended to us.

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Mum's service 12th May 2012.